Thermal oil boilers

Mixing loop

On the one hand these are used to heat the thermal oil boiler to the operating temperature as quickly as possible, thus preventing undesirable water condensation on the cold boiler from the flue gases and the corrosion this may cause, and on the other hand to compensate and stabilise overload during normal operation resulting from extreme temperature drops in the return temperature due to excessive load changes.

RTK offers equipment suitable for this purpose:

  • Electric/pneumatic 3-way mixing valves

Hold warm

With multi-boiler systems, on or more boilers are typically in operation whilst one (or more) boilers are on standby. In the event capacity for the boilers in operation needs to be supplemented or in the event of a boiler failure, the standby boiler must quickly be ready for changeover. For this purpose, this boiler is constantly kept at the optimal temperature. A holding control valve supplies enough thermal energy to compensate the heat the water surface emits to the environment.

RTK offers equipment suitable for this purpose:

  • Electric/pneumatic globe control valves

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