Condensate treatment

Condensate tank

Condensate from the system(s) is fed into the condensate tank, which serves as a holding tank for the condensate backfeed pump for the feed water tank. The condensate tank level is detected via local and remote display, implementing pump dry-run protection.

RTK offers equipment suitable for this purpose:

  • Level meter with reference vessel per measuring range
  • Pump switchgear with pump dry-run protection

Feed water tank

The life of pipes, boiler systems, pumps and fittings is essentially determined by the quality of the boiler water. Thermal degasification is used to remove oxygen and carbon dioxide from the boiler water. This consists of two combined process stages: Rough degasification in the trickling deaerator and (residual) heat degasification in the feed water tank.

Heating steam and level regulation vary by feed water tank type.

RTK offers equipment suitable for this purpose:

For level regulation

  • Fill level measurement based on displacer weight measurement
  • Level regulator with HW/NW switchgear analogue/digital
  • Electric/pneumatic feed control valves for condensate and fresh water
  • Pneumatic drain valves

For steam heating

  • Pressure measurement
  • Process controller for pressure
  • Electric/pneumatic control valves
  • Regulators without auxiliary energy for pressure and temperature
  • Exhaust vapour stop/control valves

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