Ruths accumulators

In cases of high fluctuations in steam consumptions a Ruths accumulator (or gravity accumulator) downstream from the boiler is beneficial for various reasons. It uses the principle of flash evaporation by blowing steam into a tank filled withcondensate and maintaining the highest possible pressure level = boiler pressure.

Flash evaporation occurs in the tank filled with saturated boiling water and the associated vapour phase when the pressure is reduced by opening a control valve. Sensible operation of this type of device requires a sufficient differential between the charging and discharge pressure/support pressure in the system.

The tank is charged and discharged using a pressure control valve. The accumulator requires a level control which can both feed water or discharge condensate.

RTK offers equipment suitable for this purpose:

For level regulation

  • Fill level measurement based on displacer weight measurement
  • Level regulator with HW/NW switchgear analogue/digital
  • Electric/pneumatic feed control valves for condensate
  • Pneumatic drain valves

For charging/discharging steam pressure

  • Pressure measurement accumulator pressure and pressure feed steam line
  • Process controller for pressure
  • Electric/pneumatic control valves

For warm holding

  • Accumulator pressure measurement
  • Process controller for pressure
  • Electric/pneumatic control valves

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