Valves for special applications

Valves for special applications

Steam-converting valves

Steam-converting valves used to reduce the steam pressure while simultaneously cooling the steam.

Series MV 5351 / MV 5451
Series PV 6351 / PV 6451

Multi nozzle lancer Desuperheater.

Series MDK 5351/ 5451
Series PDK 6351 / PDK 6451

Control valve for water injection

Electric and pneumatic control valves for water injection to steam-converting valves or liquids with high differential pressure.

Series MV 5211

Flow-control silencer

Expansion after control valves to reduce noise after choked flow of gases and vapours.

Series SL Typ A for liquid media
Series SL TypB for gases and vapours

Electric control valves with fail closed unit

Fail close unit for motorized valves MV 52.. / MV 53.. / MV 54 series two-way or three way design.

Series ST 6151 / ST 6152

Continuos blow down valves

Motorized control valves for continuos blow down systems of steam boilers.

Series MV 5291-D / MV 5291 V
Series PV 6291-D / PV 6291 V

Bottom blowdown valves

Bottom blowdown valve for boiler vessels

Series MV 5291-D / MV 5291 V

Valves for discharge / re-circulation control

Series MV 5241 / MV 5341
Series PV 6241 / PV 6341

Heavy duty control vales

All-purpose cage guided globe control valve

Series MV 5311-AD
Series PV 6311-AD

General information control valves

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