Feed water supply

Mixing loop

Supplying adequate amounts of boiler feed water with the necessary water quality is an important basis for operating a steam boiler. On one hand it collects the condensate returned from the system to the boiler house whilst continuously needing to compensate loss - of steam / condensate in the system - by feeding fresh water into the loop. The fresh water as well as the return condensate undergoes several treatment stages to turn it into feed water.

Condensate conductivity monitoring

Only condensate which does not exceed the maximum conductivity is added to the regeneration process. The conductivity measurement via switchgear monitors the return condensate conductivity. If too high, a 3-way changeover valve rejects the incoming condensate until it is below the limit.

RTK offers equipment suitable for this purpose:

  • Electric/pneumatic 3-way diverting valves Housing material often in stainless steel

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