Oil and gas

In recent years, the international economic growth has led to an increased energy use and a greater demand for oil and gas derivatives. As a consequence of this, activities in the various areas of the oil and gas industry worldwide are strongly increasing.

From on and offshore development and the extension of pipelines to the expansion of further processing capacities in the refineries, petrochemical and general chemical industries. As a result, the demand for high-quality equipment and fittings has increased.

As a manufacturer of high-quality fittings, RKT-Armaturen also offers an interesting range of products for steam, condensate, gas and process applications in these areas of global plant builders (EPCs) and operators. Possible application areas are:

  • Steam systems
  • Condensate systems
  • Cooling water systems
  • Tank farms
  • Flare gas plants
  • Gas scrubbing
  • Raw oil separation

RTK produces a variety of components in ANSI and DIN designs which can be used for processes in the aforementioned areas of facilities, including:

  • Control valves with pneumatic or electric drives
  • Manual stop valves with stuffing box or folding bellow

RTK-Armaturen has been successfully operating worldwide in many market areas for almost 40 years. More and more customers trust the experience and flexibility of our employees and the quality of our products in the oil and gas industries. Our product portfolio is growing dynamically and offers our customers in the oil and gas industry the chance to obtain products from one source. This of course makes it much easier for customers to execute their projects.

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