Refrigeration system

Refrigeration systems on ships are in important component in the entire ship equipment.
The spectrum spans from simple air conditioning for crew cabins and working areas, passenger cabins, restaurants and public areas on cruise liners all the way to refrigerating cargo safe for the product or freezing/storing fish after processing the catch.

Coolants range from cold water, cooling brine, all the way to coolants such as e.g. R717.

The control valves come as a special chiller version marked „ –K „ after the model designation (e.g. MV5214-K).

RTK offers equipment suitable for cooling, routeing and circulation:

  • Electric/pneumatic 3-way mixing valves (for cold water and cooling brine)
  • Electric/pneumatic throughput valves (e.g. expansion and suction pressure control valves)
  • Sectional shut-off valves for NH3 systems
  • Straight-way and three-way style temperature ROH

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